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Our Cause

HOCKEY UNITES and provides endless life skills, personal growth, passion, confidence, friendships and experiences. The heart behind what we do is giving you the best quality apparel and the ability to give back to youth hockey.

Active, healthy and motivated children truly are our future! So let's work together to provide the gift of sport to more children and their families. Hockey is such a gift to our family and we know our purpose is to share it with others.

In the past, we have donated our time and proceeds through our partnership with Right To Play Canada and specifically, The Hockey For Development Program. This program integrates professional hockey players and clinicians into the school and arena setting. Clinics range from 3-6 days with the goal to (re)inspire local coaches, children, and youth to make hockey a part of their daily lives. Children and youth who participate in the program, participate in safe and inclusive hockey-based activities that are designed to build a sense of confidence, leadership and teamwork as opposed to emphasizing skill development or competition. By using sport experiences as learning opportunities, this program engages children and youth who may not have the chance otherwise.

Each purchase of our Little Ice Collective collection gives back to youth hockey across Canada through our various collaborations and partnerships. Now as the brand moves out west, we look forward to more great causes and initiatives to donate our time and proceeds to. Please stay tuned for more news here because THIS my friends is our WHY!

Thank you for loving our clothes + our cause.

Sarah xo